Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pizza and Mister Monday, Nov. 15

PIZZA PARTY at the Nov. 15 Pig Skull Meeting. We will have a discussion of Mister Monday to go along with the pizza.

"Arthur Penhaligon is not supposed to be a hero. He is, in fact, supposed to die an early death. But then his life is saved by a key shaped like the minute hand of a clock.

Arthur is safe but his world is not. Along with the key comes a plague brought by bizarre creatures from another realm. A stranger named Mister Monday, his avenging messengers with bloodstained wings and an army of dog-faced Fetchers will stop at nothing to get the key back--even if it means destroying Arthur and everything around him.

Desperate, Arthur ventures into a mysterious house--a house only he can see. It is in this house that Arthur must unravel the secrets of the key and discover his true fate" (taken from the back cover of Mister Monday).

Join the Pig Skulls as we gorge ourselves on pizza and great discussion.