Monday, November 26, 2007

Showalter Descendants Honor Chess Club

Three generations of five-time U.S. chess champion Jackson W. Showalter's descendants witnessed at the November 25 meeting the official name change of the Scott County Chess Club to the Jackson W. Showalter Chess Club. Jackson Showalter was champion during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and traveled abroad to battle international chess giants. He lived in Georgetown until his death in 1935. His great-granddaughter, Georgetown resident Ginger Showalter Saker, displayed old pictures of her great-grandfather playing chess in places like Nuremburg, Germany. Ginger and her family, husband Ed, sons Jordan and Miles, and daughter Maggie enjoyed playing games of chess with club members.

Linda Showalter Lankford and Gervis Showalter share stories about Jackson W. Showalter.

Chess club founder, Jim Byrge, multi-tasks listening to stories and keeping the club on schedule.

Mom and son enjoying chess.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Call of the Wild To Be Discussed At Dec. 16 Meeting

Buck, a huge and powerful St. Bernard mix family dog from warm sunny California, is dognapped, humiliated, beaten physically and spiritually and thrust into the frozen frenzy of the late 19th century Klondike gold rush. Buck the sled dog learns the harsh "Law of Club and Fang" and transforms into the legendary Ghost Dog feared by Canada's Yeehat Indians. Join the Dec. 16 Pig Skull discussion of Jack London's The Call of the Wild

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chess Club Renamed Jackson Showalter Chess Club

Scott County Chess Club at it's Nov. 25 meeting will officially become the "Jackson Showalter Chess Club" in honor of Georgetown resident and U.S. Chess Champion Jackson Whipps Showalter. Known as the "Kentucky Lion" for his aggressive chess play and mane of thick hair, Showalter, 1860-1935, was five times U.S. Chess Champion. His great granddaughter and Georgetown resident, Ginger, will be at the Nov. 25, 3 PM meeting at Scott County Library to share stories and pictures of her great grandfather.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Chess Grandmaster At Dec.9 Club Meeting

Don't miss a very special two-hour Scott County Chess Club meeting featuring 9th American ranked Grandmaster Gregory Kaidanov. Originally from Russia but now living with his family in Lexington, Mr. Kaidanov will dazzle us with a Blitz Simul playing numerous players at the same time and will also while blindfolded battle another player. The special club meeting starts at a special time, 2 PM.